Recruitment Process

Advertisement in Daily Newspaper

The recruitment company applies in written to the Department of Labour, Nepal for authorization. The Department of Labour will grant the permission if it is satisfied about the credibility of the demand and if the terms and conditions offered meets Government regulations. The permission allows the recruitment company to advertise the demand in local and national newspapers and also allows initiating the recruitment process.

Selection of Candidates

The company maintains an up to date data bank of potential candidates with full information on their skill, trade qualification and experience and advertising also allows other probable candidates to compete for the post. The final interview for sort-listed candidates after per screening can be conducted by the employer or its representative on their behalf. The selection is made purely on merit basis to met employers requirements without any discrimination. The company is confident that the personnel selected by the selection committee will fulfill the employers need and earn reputation and appreciation from the employer. Sunlight Human Resource screens the short-listed candidates by a pre-interview process.

Medical Check-Up

All the candidates have to go through Medical Examination after final selection. This is aimed at selecting competent, disciplined and healthy manpower desired by an employer. Medical check-up is the very first step for the procedure to recruit the selected candidates. We recommend the selected candidates for medical examinations in the government-approved hospitals or labs. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to sign an agreement or contract paper as per their Medical Fitness reports. Medically unfit candidates are disqualified for the foreign employment.

Trade Test

We form a selection committee before making a final decision for the appointment of the job. The selection committee includes members from the different departments in the company and from our Universal Technical Training Institute Pvt. Ltd. The selection committee carries out skill tests of the candidates in the concerned discipline and recommends them for the selection. Finally we proceed further with the selected candidates for the overseas employment.

Visa Endorsement

The visa endorsement process may differ according to the visa regulations of individual country. We are authorized directly to endorse the visa in Dhaka, Bangladesh for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as we are Id holder for the same. For visa endorsement in Mumbai, we have provided the authority to our associate agency in Mumbai, India. The day we received the visa for the candidate, we are required to obtain the first approval from the Department of Labor, which normally takes 1 or 2 working days. After we get the first approval, we, then forward the passport to the concerned countries for the visa endorsement. After we receive the visa endorsed passports, we again required to submit the passports for the Final Approval to the Department of Labour. The Department of Labour issue a sticker pasted in the passports indicating a final approval to recruit the candidates.


Orientation is an essential procedure to recruit the Finally Approved candidates. We have our own recognized Institute and have designed the courses according to the country to orient for the workers getting deployed for foreign employment. It is aimed at providing the knowledge of the immigration, the rules and the regulation of the concerned country, labor laws, along with ritual, social values, tradition and culture. It also provides the approved candidates with the basic knowledge of the language. Candidate will also get oriented to avoid misunderstanding with the local people and to maintain discipline and harmony amongst the migrant workers and the citizen of the country of work.

Traveling Arrangements

The travel arrangement is the final procedure. Before their departure, we make them the affidavit to be singed between the worker and the recruitment agency. After signing of the contract with the workers we make travel arrangements. This also includes handing over all the documents (original passport, air ticket, and orientation certificate along with an orientation book to the employee). Apart from that the honorable Chairperson of the company himself gives a final briefing to the workers regarding the procedure to enter the airport, cross the
immigration and the way during the flight to the destination. This briefing also includes the procedure to clear the immigration in the destination, need to honour the rules, regulations, tradition and culture of the destination country. With the best wishes of the honorable chairman, the workers leave to the airport for their destination.